Australian delegation confirmed for young entrepreneurs summit

A raft of successful entrepreneurs will represent Australia at the G20 Young Entrepreneurs’ Alliance Summit in Russia, including Jo Burston, Kim Heras and Sebastien Eckersley-Maslin.


The summit, to be held in Moscow from June 15-17, brings together entrepreneurs from the G20 nations to champion the importance of young entrepreneurs and examine issues affecting them.


Discussion points from the summit will be presented to world leaders during the G20 Leaders Summit.


The Enterprise Network for Young Australians (ENYA) is sending a 24-strong Australian delegation to the 2013 G20 YEA Summit. The delegates are as follows:


Jeremy Liddle – G20 YEA Australia president and ENYA CEO

Aaron McNeilly – G20 YEA Australian Sherpa

Jo Burston – Job Capital

Tom Dawkins – Start Some Good

Marion Di Benedetto – Love it UP

Annabelle Chauncy – School for Life

Samantha Jane – SAMMWAY Brand & Strategy

Sebastien Eckersley-Maslin – BlueChilli

Prabin Gautam – Versatile Information Solutions

Emily Haigh – Impact Leaders

Daniel Hayward – EDM Marketing

Kim Heras – PushStart

Brad Krauskopf – Hub Melbourne

Finn Kelly – Wealth Enhancers

Adam Lane – Ai-Live

Elisa Limburg – Elevents

Mick Liubinskas – Pollenizer

Daniel Noble – COVEST

Holly Ransom – social entrepreneur

Archie Ravishankar – Kural Group

Sarah Riegelhuth – Wealth Enhancers

Sergei Sergienko – EDway

Hannah Vasicek – Francesca Collections

Dhevaksha – Naidoo Energie Australia


Liddle says he’s very pleased with the list, describing it as a good cross-section of the different industries and styles of business, and is confident it will inspire budding entrepreneurs.


“The submissions we received to be part of the delegation, and the quality of those chosen, shows there is a great platform in Australia to encourage entrepreneurial thinking among young Australians,” Liddle says.


“There are still many barriers that governments need to remove if Australia is really able to embrace the innovative thinking that younger people can bring, to enhance the social and economic fabric of this country.


“The delegation will be learning from best practices around the world during the G20 YEA summit to help our governments and business leaders implement policies and strategies to harness young entrepreneurialism.”


According to Sarah Rieglehuth, who directs Wealth Enhancers alongside her fiancé and fellow delegate Finn Kelly, being part of the G20 YEA Summit is a “a real privilege”.


In addition to heading up Wealth Enhancers, Rieglehuth is the co-founder of The League of Extraordinary Women, a group for female entrepreneurs.


“Both Finn and I are excited to be given the opportunity to contribute to the discussion on improving and fostering entrepreneurship around the world,” Rieglehuth said in a statement.


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