Bounce back from grief with a… holiday!

start-up idea holiday for mournersHolidays for singles. Holidays for older people. Holidays for couples. Just about every niche has been filled. Except one.


German travel company TUI has linked up with a grief counsellor to offer people who have lost a loved one a ‘journey back into life’.


Groups of mourners are to be packed off to holidays in Portugal, Spain and Greece. Apparently, the holidays are to be split between periods of quiet reflection, visits to the beach and museums and fine dining in the evening.


The idea is that those on the holiday will bond over their common grieving, with counsellors on hand to deal with the invevitable fall out if things get a little too miserable.


Admittedly, the concept behind this is slightly macabre. But if a tour company can make money from this, then there is surely an opportunity for a start-up to explore a similar venture, or other holiday niche, in Australia.


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