Canva launches design marketplace

Design startup Canva has launched a marketplace that will allow professional graphic designers to contribute layouts and earn royalties every time their designs are purchased.


Canva co-founder and chief executive officer Melanie Perkins says the marketplace has been part of the startup’s plans since “day dot” and she’s excited to be giving designers a chance to monetise their work through the platform.


All images on Canva are licenced for $1 with a One Time Use licence. Designers will be paid royalties of 35% on the dollar.


“Every time a photo, or a layout, or a design is purchased, a designer will see a cut of the prices every single time,” she says.


“What’s really exciting is a designer can create a layout, in say 30 minutes, and have an ongoing revenue stream infinitely. It’s completely transforming design.


“Rather than selling that one design once, the design can be used thousands upon thousands of times to tell different stories.”


The Canva layout marketplace will provide the startup’s users with greater choice of layouts for their designs. Designers can create layouts for more than 20 web and print design types, including social media posts, presentations, posters, business cards and invitations.


“Traditionally designers have only been able to sell their stock layouts to other people who have access to the professional design tools,” Perkins says.


“However with Canva, they can now design layouts for everyone to use.”


Canva has had expressions of interests from thousands of designers who want to be involved in the marketplace and contributor accounts will be rolled out to a limited number on Wednesday, Perkins says. Professional designers can apply to contribute at


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