Getting attention to find the perfect technology co-founder: Meet the founder singing for her CTO

When Liz Kaelin was told by an accelerator program she needed to find a tech co-founder, she knew it wouldn’t be easy. But after posting a song to YouTube, she’s received 12 applications in a couple of days.


Kaelin, Sarah Maloof and Phil Doran were told by the team at the new muru-D accelerator program if they wanted to grow their catering curation start-up You Chews, they’d need to find a tech co-founder quickly.


“We’re going well but we’re still processing all of the accounts and enquiries manually. We want to operate at 10 times our current capacity and use technology to facilitate that,” Kaelin says, adding they’ve fed 3000 people at 70 events in Sydney and Melbourne in the last six months.


“But everyone talks about how hard it was to find that elusive CTO, so I used my entrepreneurial spirit and thought outside the box to get some attention.”


Several hundred people have already watched Kaelin’s video, where she sings about how the six-month-old start-up is going and what they’re looking for.


Kaelin says so far they’ve been amazed by the quality of the applicants, and they’re confident they’ll find a good CTO shortly.


You can watch the video below, even if just to admire Kaelin’s ability to sing lines such as:


“Automation, outsourcing and systems integration, we can go back to doing what we love to do, finding food for all of you …. Everything’s gonna be alright because of the awesome code you’ll write.”



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