Find out why you lost the deal

This article first appeared on April 6th, 2012.


We lost a major deal the other day.


It was a long-standing client, with whom we thought we had a rock solid relationship. A big chunk of this month’s budget was suddenly gone.


When something like that happens, Old Taskmaster likes to watch how people react.


Most people act like a jilted lover. Some immediately get angry and try to block out all knowledge of the client.


Others hold out hope of a reconciliation. Some even swear revenge!


Old Taskmaster’s reaction has two stages.


First, I hit the phone to talk to the highest-ranked decision maker I can to find out if there is any way of changing their mind.


If their answer is “no”, I let the whole thing cool off for a few days.


Then I make a second call to ask them why they made the decision that they did.


This bit of follow up can be a bit painful, particularly if the reasons are poor service or delivery on your firm’s behalf.


But the knowledge is invaluable. I guarantee you’ll find at least two improvements you can make in your business that will help you win contracts in the future.


Hearing a “no” is never good, but you can at least try to turn it into a positive.


Get it done – today!


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