Get your business ready for a hot summer

taskmasterThe recent heatwave across the southern states was a timely reminder that the start of summer is upon us.


According to the file footage, summer is the time of year where bronzed Aussies congregate en masse at the beaches. Tanned people on the beaches surfing and having fun. Long days spent sunbaking while pretending to care about whether or not Michael Clarke will make the required run rate this over.


Of course, the file footage is full of lies. It’s the time of year when the mozzies come out in force, the air-conditioning systems break down at Taskmaster Towers and the fans frustrate with the lack of relief they provide in the sticky offices. And heaven help anyone who has to sit on a chair with a vinyl covering on it.


The poets say “I love a sunburnt country”. A nice sentiment, unless you’re Old Taskmaster, when the slightest hint of sunlight makes your skin resemble a freshly blanched and ready to peel tomato.


The worst thing about this time of year, however, is that it’s bushfire season.


If your workplace is in a rural, regional or mountain area, now is the time to prepare for bushfire season. Even if your business is based in the suburbs, if you’re within a couple of kilometres of a national park, your business could be at risk from flying embers and other hazards.


Similarly, if your business is in the city, it is worth examining whether you have franchisees or key suppliers in an at-risk area and thinking about potential contingencies.


In Victoria, the CFA has a number of guides with key information covering current fires and warnings, advice on preparing your property, developing a Bushfire Survival Plan and the special steps businesses in bushfire-prone areas need to take. There is similar information on the websites of the rural fire authorities in other states as well


This is something you can’t risk putting off for later. Take the time to read through the guides, then plan and prepare. Make sure your business is ready for the long, hot bushfire season ahead.


Get it done – today!


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