Getting fundamental with your website and mobile app

Each week, StartupSmart is plucking out the key points from the General Assembly entrepreneurial classes in Sydney.


The second week of the practical how-to gatherings saw an explanation of how to build a mobile app, as well as some top tips for website design.


Below, we have picked out the main points from each of these classes.


However, if you want to show up in person for a class, there are still plenty to choose from.


General Assembly is currently giving away $500 in credit for its classes in June. To enter the competition, click here.


How to build a mobile app


Chris Watt, general manager of tech company Tigerspike, talked through the process of building a mobile app for your business.


Watt said start-ups should consider the following before they start such a project:

  • Who and where are my customers?
  • What are my business objectives?
  • What is my value proposition?

Make a choice on platform:

  • Native
  • Hybrid
  • Cross platform

Think hard about the design to break through the clutter:

  • Have a clean design
  • Let users find content quickly
  • Use high quality images and video



Website design fundamentals


Gerry Scullion, creative director at web design firm Electric HQ, gave his top seven tips for creating the right look and feel for your online presence.


Top tips for website design:

  • Keep the design simple – don’t try to reinvent how the web works in terms of interface, navigation and layout
  • Take inspiration from good designers
  • Make your designs consistent
  • Keep page content short and to the point
  • Track everything using Google Analytics and iterate
  • Focus on page objectives
  • Learn about HTML and its limitations


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