Getting strategic with your marketing

This week’s General Assembly start-up classes in Sydney had a marketing theme, with some top tips for cash-constrained entrepreneurs.


Riley Batchelor, general manager of General Assembly, ran through the basics of marketing analytics and serial start-up entrepreneur David Cunningham explained how to market on a shoestring.


Here are the essential tips from each class. To book yourself in for any of General Assembly’s upcoming classes, click here.


Intro to marketing analytics


Riley Batchelor, general manager of General Assembly, advised:

  • Track everything so you know what is working and what is not
  • Almost all marketing can be measured in some way
  • Measure the basics in visits, time on site. But focus on other things like conversions and average lifetime user value
  • Think beyond Google Analytics and use at least three other measurement tools

Lean marketing strategies for start-ups


David Cunningham, director of mobile tech firm Tapit, said:

  • Always think of the lean option and ways to get things done cost effectively – crowdsourcing, offshoring, partnerships
  • Make your start-up standout and look different. This aids press and virality
  • Impress the press – think beyond the standard press release for your press outreach
  • SEO is essential
  • Social is always a lean option and their audience is there
  • Create partnerships and leverage the reach of those partners
  • Reach out and influence the influencers
  • Create advocates out of your first users
  • Stunts are gold


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