Healthy, wealthy and wise?

start up idea healthy livingNews and current affairs shows may conjure up terrifying images of Australia being crushed to death by an obese, drink-addled populace, but consumer habits suggest a different story.


Recent figures by the Bureau of Statistics reveal that we are an increasingly health-conscious nation, with booze and cigarettes being shunned in favour of health insurance and trips to the chemist.


True, the figures also report a dip in expenditure on seeing the doctor, but this points to a prevailing trend of patient self-diagnosis and treatment.


While much of this involves feverishly typing in the symptoms of lingering rashes into Google, there is an opportunity for start-ups that provide health advice to consumers.


Many Australians’ first port of call when it comes to their health is the internet, rather than their doctor. This generates a demand for sites that can accurately and responsibly give information on certain conditions and provide tips on how to eat well, exercise or even on how keep a positive frame of mind.


Of course, you will need to make sure you have expertise on hand to ensure that you are giving proper information. The area of health carries a huge responsibility that you shouldn’t overlook.


While you certainly shouldn’t look to replace someone’s GP, the medical profession would appreciate any business that provides support to help people lead healthier lives.


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