How do I start up while at university?

Starting a business while studying at university can be a great way to test what you learn in the classroom in a real-world environment. Indeed, many business and entrepreneur courses involve planning, starting and running a small business for a certain period.



When starting a business at university, it’s best to aim for something small and manageable, considering that you are likely to have to juggle the business with study commitments. With this in mind, a web-based business might suit you best – it keeps running even when you’re not.


It’s also a great idea to focus on something you are really passionate about – you are going to be putting a lot of time and effort into this business, so make sure it’s something you really enjoy.


Also, try to use your natural advantage – your youth. Developing products for younger consumers is a good idea, as you should have a good understanding of the way customers buy, and an easy-to access market (other students) on which to test your products.


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