Kids these days! Gen Y is more entrepreneurial than you think

taskmasterKids these days! Let me tell you, back in my day, Sonny Jim Crockett…


If you believe the hype, Gen Ys are simply too lazy to do any real work.


They’re too busy talking to friends in the office to do anything productive. They have short attention spans. They’re far too lazy and unfocused to hire.


Beware, those Gen Ys aren’t just carriers of iPhones with Twitter and Facebook – they’re also carriers of an epidemic of narcissism! According to San Diego State University psychology professor Jean Twenge, 30% of US college students today are “narcissistic” compared to just 15% in 1982.


Sure, a Gen-Y techmaster might come in handy when it comes to replacing a burnt out “Old Reliable” Rank Arena or to make sure your website design is scalable. But the lazy little sprats just won’t leave home despite the fact they never do the dishes!


However, before you despair too much about the younger generation, it’s worth looking into the other side of the story.


The StartupSmart Future Makers looked at the most promising Aussie entrepreneurs aged under 25-years-old.


Across a range of industries – from fashion to IT to archery supplies – these young entrepreneurs are building the next generation of Australian companies.


The Gen Y stereotype doesn’t include hard work, commitment, dedication and personal responsibility. Yet there can be little doubt the young entrepreneurs on the Future Makers list have all of these traits in abundance.


If you’re under 25 and toying with the idea of launching a business, it’s worth taking a look through the list to get some inspiration.


If you’re a parent, it’s worth printing out a copy of the list and suggestively leaving it on the corner of the coffee table. After all, if your teenagers haven’t vacuumed the carpet this week, the least they could do for you is make a million dollars in revenue.


And if you’re a little more experienced in life, it might be worth reading a counter-balance to some of the negative press the younger generation have been receiving of late.


After all, you can launch a business at any age.


Now get off Old Taskmaster’s lawn!


Get it done – today!


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