Move into mobile delivery

Children's shoes home deliveryA UK business offers a new solution, with a familiar delivery concept, for the widespread dread parents feel whenever they have to buy shoes for their children.



To help combat drawn-out sagas in shoe shops, Hippity Hop Shoes brings a selection of casual, formal and school shoes to the homes of busy parents and their cherished offspring.


The service offers a shoe fitting service, as well as providing discounts to those who host children’s ‘shoe parties’.


Making your product mobile isn’t exactly new – hairdressers, for example, have been on the road for years.


However, with the time pressures faced by many consumers, it’s worth looking into other products or services that could be home-delivered.


It’s likely that there is a sizeable bunch of consumers who would pay to have, for example, a suit fitted at home or their pets tended to.


Mobile delivery isn’t new, but the services you deliver can, with a bit of thought, be truly innovative.


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