Narrow the focus of your business

Yesterday I explained how I plan to narrow my focus this year and concentrate on three things that I am really good at – everything else I will try and leave to others as much as possible.


But I am not going to just use this technique on myself – I want to focus my business, Taskmaster Enterprises, more tightly too.


Over the break I’ve been thinking a lot about how many products and services we sell – my sense is that is we’re stretched over too many things.


In the few days I have been back, I’ve looked at the numbers and discovered this is true – all of our profit is really driven by a handful of core services. Some of the add-on things we do for customers are actually loss making, in that they take up lots of time and resources but deliver little in the way of sales.


So we’re becoming more focused. We’ll trim the product range. We’ll scale back the extras or charge much higher prices to ensure they are at least break-even and profitable.


We won’t promise to do everything for everyone, but we will promise that we’ll be the best at what we do.


What will your business promise this year?


Get it done – today!


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