New status for SMEs’ Facebook pages: Online ordering

Brisbane-based franchise Red Rock Noodle Bar has claimed an industry first after launching an online ordering platform on its Facebook page.


Red Rock, which offers Asian-style dishes, already allows customers to make orders on the phone or via its website. Now it has added Facebook to the mix.


Customers can make orders on Facebook via an online ordering form, which states the order will be ready for pickup in 15-30 minutes depending on the time of day.


The form on Facebook is no different to the form on the company’s website. Customers choose from the menu and nominate a pickup store, which is where the food is paid for.


In this way, Red Rock isn’t compromising the security of its customers by allowing them to pay online.


And for large orders, customers are required to log an entry via the catering page on the company’s website, “so we can get back to you to discuss a tailored solution”.


In a company blog, managing director Phil Colburn described the move as “an exciting industry first”, suggesting other businesses will follow suit.


“Increasing the accessibility of our products for our customers is a key part of what Red Rock Noodle Bar is all about,” Colburn wrote.


“By offering our products online and to our ever-expanding Facebook audience, we’re continuing to share our message with existing and new customers.


“As you’d expect, we’re determined not to stand still and are delighted to be able to bring this idea to fruition.


“Red Rock Noodle Bar will continue to innovate and adapt to the evolving needs of our many and varied guests.”


Food franchises are becoming more creative with regard to their ordering options and processes as consumers become increasingly reliant on their mobile devices.


Earlier this year, Domino’s Pizza attributed a record profit to the success of its mobile app, which enables customers to order and track their pizza orders from mobile devices.


In February, Domino’s celebrated a $12.6 million half-year profit – up 25% on the corresponding period last year – prompting the company to upgrade its earnings for the 2011/12 financial year by about 20%.


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