Newly launched Crowd Valley offers DIY crowdfunding platforms

A new initiative called Crowd Valley says it wants to increase the level of democracy in the crowdfunding market, potentially offering a new path to funding for Australian start-ups.


Crowd Valley, which is part of the Grow VC Group, describes itself as a one-stop-shop where organisations can launch their own crowdfunding platforms in a matter of minutes.


The Grow VC Group, based in the United States, represents crowdfunding, new investment models, global business development programs, and service providers for start-ups and investors.


According to Crowd Valley co-founder Alessandro Ravanetti, Crowd Valley aims to provide the infrastructure for “a new, democratic crowdfunding market”.


Ravanetti said the Crowd Valley concept is aimed at those looking to create more effective and transparent financial models in a new online investment scenario.


“The Crowd Valley platform allows [users] to easily create a start-up and investment community… with the possibility to connect and partner with other communities,” he said.


Ravanetti said Crowd Valley already has more than 300 business customers, more than one year of beta testing, and a team with “invaluable” experience and contacts.


“Customers include angel networks, universities, crowdfunding platforms, event organisers, incubators and accelerators,” he said.


“A tangible example of the application is a life sciences marketplace, where a venture fund opens their investments to their network of medical professionals.”


Crowd Valley offers its customers an operating infrastructure framework, back office packages, support services, and the functionality to create and service interconnected networks.


This enables them to maintain and operate via single profiles on multiple platforms. Customers operate, manage and run the platforms under their own brands.


Organisations located outside the United States can also use Crowd Valley.


Existing customers include Startup Weekend, TechStars, the World Bank, the Government of Singapore, Microsoft and Nokia.


The launch of Crowd Valley comes ahead of the JOBS Act, which is expected to come into effect in January.


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