Ready Steady Go Kids expands – here are three other emerging parenting businesses

Children’s fitness franchise Ready Steady Go Kids says it wants to establish 100 locations, highlighting the growth of services that tap into the increasingly common trend of outsourced parenting.


According to the founders of the franchise, Adelaide-based couple Stuart and Toni Derbyshire, Ready Steady Go Kids is the largest preschool exercise business in the country.


As the name suggests, Ready Steady Go Kids is built around a sports program, offering parents an alternative to day care. It also provides an outlet for children who may not have backyards.


The company has already grown its network from 40 to 60 locations, spread across the country, with plans to add another 40. It is also negotiating a franchise deal in Singapore.


“Our goal is to be at 100 national locations by the end of the next calendar year,” Stuart Derbyshire told


“That represents roughly 40 new locations across the country, and the international locations we’ll be targeting are Singapore and New Zealand.”


As parents become increasingly time-poor, outsourced parenting is emerging as a major growth area. StartupSmart picks out three top franchises tapping into the trend:

Calm for Kids


Founded by Tricia Riordan, Calm for Kids is a yoga-based program for children. Using natural techniques, the classes can resolve children’s sleeping problems, sadness and anxiety.


Riordan launched the model in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast after teaching yoga for three years in Brisbane halls, schools, afterschool care facilities and day care centres.


“Parents are weighed down by household and financial stress, which children pick up and add to with stress caused by divorce, school and the pressure to achieve,” Riordan told The Courier Mail.


“We want to see our kids achieve… but we don’t give them time to just unwind.”


Eureka Multimedia


Eureka Multimedia is the brainchild of Tony Alevras, who established the business after teaching himself computer programming. It provides multimedia software for school-aged children.


There are now more than 100 software titles across categories such as maths, literacy, education, edutainment, creativity, languages, games, reference material and personal interest.


Many titles are based on school curricula and are designed to supplement children’s learning. According to Alevras, a face-to-face selling approach allows for more informed purchasing.


“Parents want information about the products… What I find attractive about the franchise model is that it brings a superior level of service and product knowledge to the customer,” he says.


Kidz Lidz Hair Salons

In addition to being a successful children’s hair salon franchise, Kidz Lidz helps parents deal with head lice; a common problem among school-aged children.


While most hairdressers won’t treat children suffering from head lice, Kidz Lidz welcomes every single one and stocks a range of products designed to treat the problem.


“We believe that head lice are the biggest problem faced by kids and their parents when it comes to daily health,” Kidz Lidz’ Shannon Adair says.


“For too long there has been a stigma in society attached to children having head lice, but there doesn’t need to be.”


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