Redecorate your office in your company colours

taskmasterRecently, Old Taskmaster suggested you pick some colours for your company if you haven’t already. After all, you’re the captain of your team – you should choose a colour scheme embodying the pride you expect your squad to show.


So here we are, a few days later. You’ve picked your colours. There’s just one little problem remaining.


Take a look around your main business premises, be it your office, home office, shop or delivery van. Depressing, huh?


Do you see the walls painted in your company colours? Or do you see boring white walls with the cheap and uninspiring grey shag-pile carpet that came with the building?


What you need to understand is that your business premises are the physical embodiment of your business. In terms of space, it is your business. When you, your customers or your staff think about going to your business in terms of a place, this space is the image that appears in mind. This is the home of your business.


Old Taskmaster says this place should look like the home of a business with a clear identity – including colour – so the people inhabiting it can be proud of it. So brand it in your team colours!


There’s also a psychological dimension to all of this. It’s easier for you and your staff to care about performing in a place someone cared enough about to decorate properly than one that’s dominated by the great white walls of “never got around to it” indifference.


If you own your office building, or hold a long-term lease where you have permission to repaint your office, why not repaint it?


Here come the excuses. What if you chose dark company colours – say black and a dark shade of red? Then repaint part of your office – say a black feature wall and dark red pillars!


What if you’re in a co-working space? If you can’t paint the whole thing in your colours, at least get a picture frame or something on your desk in your company colours!


What if you’re renting, or running a business from home, and are banned from repainting? Then get a banner in your company colours and hang it with pride from the wall!


But what if your business is mobile? Get a decal for your vehicle in your company colours! Also, what colour is the wallpaper on your company laptop and smartphone? Change them to your company colours!


Finally, what if cashflow is too tight? Well, at least plan it out and decide how you want to embody your company colours in your workplace the next time you win a major contract!


Now quit complaining! Make your business premises into places you and your staff are proud to do business in! No more excuses – get painting!


Get it done – today!


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