Julie Bishop spruiks Australian startups in the US: “We are unleashing the full potential of our entrepreneurs”

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has used a visit to the US to spruik Australian startups on the world stage and to encourage high-profile Americans to invest in Down Under innovation.


Speaking at the G’Day USA event in New York, Bishop discussed the government’s recent $1 billion innovation statement and the country’s transition away from the mining boom.


“Australia is continuing to embrace innovation at the heart of our economic policies as our economy transitions back from a focus on resource-based investment to a broader based and more diverse economy,” Bishop said.


“Innovation is the watchword.”


During her visits to New York, Washington and Los Angeles Bishop is aiming to “promote Australia’s high-growth economy and sophisticated innovative culture and the opportunities this offers to leaders in American politics, business and creative industries”.


As Sky News reports, the audience included members of Fortune 500 company executives, US policy-makers, academics and economists, and Bishop encouraged them to investigate and investment in Australian entrepreneurs and startups.


“We are unleashing the full potential of our entrepreneurs and our high value-added creative industries onto the global market,” she said.


“There truly has never been a better time to be an innovative Australian business or to do business in Australia.”


As part of the federal government’s innovation statement, five “landing pads” will be created around the world to assist startups in global expansion, including one in Silicon Valley.


The speech was organised by the American Australian Association, and Bishop is set to appear at other G’Day USA events this week.


“This program is a celebration of the partnership between our countries and a showcase of the truly remarkable possibilities the partnership offers in the future,” Bishop said.

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