Stripe launches mobile-friendly ecommerce service

Stripe has unveiled a new native buying service to help guide users through the “obstacle course” of mobile ecommerce.


Through the service, called Stripe Relay, retailers can include a buy button across multiple platforms, ensuring users don’t have to leave an app to actually buy a product.


Stripe has brought on Twitter as a launching partner, with “buy” buttons now able to be included in tweets.


This is long been a problem with mobile ecommerce, with users frustrated over being redirected to multiple sites and having to enter credit card details countless times.


Stripe developer Siddarth Chandrasekaran says in a blog post that while 60% of browsing traffic for shopping sites is from mobiles, only 15% of purchases are.


“The leap to mobile hasn’t happened when it comes to purchases,” Chandrasekaran says.


“Most mobile shopping sites are fundamentally the same as the desktop sites that preceded them, despite the medium calling for something completely different.”


Stripe Relay aims to overcome this fundamental problem, and was launched at an event in San Francisco overnight, as Tech Crunch reports.


“It’s not competing with any existing product, it’s competing with entropy in the world,” Stripe CEO Patrick Collison said at the event.


“It’s very clear to us looking at any ecosystem that it needs to be solved. That’s the kind of infrastructure we want to build”


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