Study competitors from the top end of town

Taskmaster - Study your competitorsAustralia’s corporate world is coming into a special time of the year known as profit reporting season – the six-week period during which companies listed on the Australian Securities Exchange must tell investors about their results for the period (six or 12 months) until the end of December 31.


For investors, it’s a time of confessions and surprises – a chance to see how their companies are performing in the current market.


For start-up entrepreneurs, it’s a time to see how the big boys are travelling, and what opportunities and challenges might trickle down to your business.


From studying the February financial results you can see:

  • What sort of margins your big competitors are achieving.
  • How their various divisions and geographic markets have performed.
  • What their outlook for the next six or 12 months is looking like.
  • What cost pressures they are battling.
  • What strategic initiatives they are concentrating on.

It’s invaluable information that the listed companies would probably rather not give out.


But given you can get your hands on it for free, make sure you use it to get some insights.


Get it done – today!


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