Study lists of cool entrepreneurs

TaskmasterWe all love a list, whether it is a rich list or a list of the best companies to work for.


But for start-up entrepreneurs, there is nothing more inspiring than a list of cool, up-and-coming business owners.


Take, for example, the 30 Under 30 Coolest Entrepreneurs list from Inc out of the United States. It’s a great snapshot of 30 really interesting businesses, ranging from the quirky (a former ballerina who has built a fitness training business around the ballet movie Black Swan) to the brilliant (online file sharing service Dropbox).


There’s even a representative from Australian-based crowd sourcing site, 99Designs.


The point is, almost every business here has a little nugget of information to offer.


It might be how an online retail entrepreneur turned his love of fashion into a members-only group buying site for men.


Or how two Silicon Valley software developers became background heroes of the Egyptian revolution by developing a tool that allows internet users get around government censorship of the web.


Or how one business owner created a site that allows users to develop their own jewellery online.


These lists show us that there are thousands of ways to approach customers and markets. What matters most are great ideas and good execution.


Get it done – today.


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