Suppressing the apology reflex in the workplace: Best of the web reads

Suppressing the apology reflex in the workplace: In her piece for the New York Times, Audrey Lee tackles when not to say you’re sorry. It’s all too easy to say “sorry for bothering you, sorry for the bad news, sorry this issue came up, sorry for asking questions”, Lee says. But she argues you need to put an end to being apologetic in the workplace and get more assertive.


How Airbnb went from three air mattresses to being a $2.5 billion company: Airbnb started with a simple idea and some blow-up mattresses. Now the company lists 500,000 properties available in more than 190 countries. The Wall Street Journal charts the rise of the sharing economy and why hotels hate Airbnb.


Top 10 Documentaries for Entrepreneurs: Feel like watching an inspiring documentary this week? Entrepreneur has listed the top 10 documentaries for entrepreneurs. We challenge you to watch the Steve Jobs documentary at number nine and not come away feeling fired up.


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