Take a Grand Final day break

taskmasterOne of the things that entrepreneurs and soloists are notorious for is devoting every waking moment to their businesses, at the expense of every other part of their lives.


It’s a feeling I know all too well. Back when Taskmaster Enterprises was still the widget workbench in the Taskmaster’s tool shed, I was busy assembling widgets and filing a small rainforest’s worth of paperwork on the last Saturday in September.


I looked at an order form I was working on, and noticed that in a sleep deprived state, I’d forgotten to record what colour widget the customer wanted. I called the client to clear it up.


“What are you doing working on widgets on Grand Final day? Why aren’t you at a barbecue?! It’s downright un-Australian!” says the customer.


“Seriously, I’ll talk widgets with you tomorrow. But right now, I’m watching the footy, and you should too.”


They were right. Truth be told, I was far more productive after a couple of hours break from work than I would have been slowly soldiering on at the widget bench, trying to work while checking the scores every five minutes.


This weekend, make sure you don’t fall into the trap of staying chained to your desk all day. You’ll be more productive after a break, even if your club loses.


Get it done – today!


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