The five most popular Aussie startups on Product Hoist from October

October was an exciting month on Product Hoist – we hosted our first AMA (Ask Me Anything) with Paul Bennetts, VC from Airtree Ventures, we went international, expanding to New Zealand and we saw over 50 innovative Australian and New Zealand products posted.


Here’s the top five from October.


1. Paytradie: A mobile solution for small business invoicing and payments.


Perth-based Paytradie is a mobile solution for small business invoicing and payments, including automatic ‘payment due’ notifications. Helping tradies stay on the job and not behind their desks. You can get paid on the spot using a device you already own without the need for a credit card merchant account.


2. Buzzy: the easiest way to communicate and manage group projects in both your personal and professional life.

Sending group emails or SMS messages when you’re trying to organise an event is a nightmare. Buzzy is a new Australian startup trying to solve this problem. The power of Buzzy is hidden in the templates for group organisation – want to organise team training for an upcoming adventure race? There’s a template for that.


3. SpareHarvest: Your online gardeners’ market. Creating communities by sharing what we have spare in our gardens.


A startup out of the perhaps little known but thriving Sunshine Coast startup ecosystem. Founder Helen Andrew was inspired to start Spare Harvest when she was producing so much fresh fruit and vegies that she couldn’t give it away fast enough and ended up having to bury a lot of it in a big hole in the ground. She developed SpareHarvest so she could share her excess with others in her local community.


4. diary U: The calendar app that’s as fast and flexible as your paper diary.

When founder Andrew Varvel, realised first-hand the challenges of trying to hire an offshore developer to build your app, he decided to take a three-month course on Thinkful and develop diary U himself. Paradoxically it boasts ‘Less features than any other calendar app’ because it focuses on simplicity, speed and never having to sync to the cloud.


5. How about eat: Receive a daily text with the ‘lunch of the day’. If you like it, reply back ‘YES’ and HowAboutEat delivers it for you.

With customers already including Westpac and BlueChilli, HowAboutEat focuses on making it incredibly easy for employees of a company to get a great lunch delivered to their desk. They’ve taken the interesting approach of having organisations rather than individuals sign-up which should make it easier for them to scale deliveries.


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