There’s a new hero on the food delivery block

start-up-profile-delivery-heroDelivery Hero Australia has already delivered more than 100,000 meals to Australian homes but it isn’t stopping there, having grown by 200% so far this year.


Launched in September last year by web entrepreneurs Fabian Stein and CJ Foo, Delivery Hero is an online food delivery service.


“We saw an opportunity to simplify home delivery by giving people the ability to order online from their favourite local restaurants,” Stein says.


The business has already partnered with 1000 restaurants across NSW, Victoria and Queensland, and aims to continue growing across Australia.


We talk to CJ Foo about finding a niche in the Australian food industry.


What prompted you to launch the business? What convinced you there was a demand?


We love food and we love a relaxing night in eating on the couch.


It was a natural progression from here to seeing an opportunity to provide Australian consumers with a free, convenient and easy to use online food ordering service.


Delivery Hero allows consumers, with a few simple clicks to order food online from their favourite local restaurant and then have it delivered hot to their door.


The online food ordering market in Australia was underserviced and continues to rapidly grow because channel switch results in consumers moving from ordering by phone to ordering online.


As eCommerce continues to grow in Australia, it’s only natural that consumers shopping online will also increasingly look at ordering their dinner online.


How did you fund the business?


We funded the business by working with a group of investors led by Team Europe, a successful international incubator of internet firms.


How many staff do you have?


The Delivery Hero Australia team is now 22 strong, comprised of our customer care heroes supported by sales, marketing and operations team members.


How do you promote the business?


Group buying, affiliate marketing, social media, PR, SEM, SEO, display and start-up collaborations.


How do you stand out in the market? What’s your point/s of difference?


Our points of difference are an excellent user experience and excellent customer service.


Delivery Hero is able to offer customers an easier, faster and stress-free way to order home delivery.


Why go to the bother of searching through a drawer in your kitchen for a menu, finding a restaurant’s number in the phonebook and spelling the name of your street to someone, when you can make food appear with a few taps on a screen?


Our aim is to make online food ordering that’s so easy it’s enjoyable.


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