Think within the box

Start-up-idea Sharing resourcesStart-up businesses can feel a bit intimidated by larger competitors, so strength in numbers is a strategy that should be explored by certain new businesses.


Sharing the load in terms of premises, stock and staffing can reduce costs and provide your business with more security. Like-minded businesses and those with complementary offerings often team up, with the consumer often benefiting from better price deals too.


This concept has been taken to an interesting new level in the US, where certain shops allow people to rent out a box and fill it with whatever they want to sell.


There are dozens of boxes in Shopping Box, a New York store that uses this method, showcasing products from a variety of artists, entrepreneurs and hobbyists.


Maybe you could provide the space for an Australian version of these box shops or perhaps you could find a shop to display your own goods. Either way, try thinking within the box.


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