What kind of IT support do I need?

There is nothing worse than being unable to do work because of a dodgy IT system. Start-ups need to get their IT requirements right from the very beginning.


The amount of IT support a start-up needs depends on how reliant your business is on technology. If you are operating leanly with a few computers, a phone network and internet access, then you’ll most probably be able to outsource your setup and service costs to a small IT firm.


However, if your business is more web-based and you’re running an eCommerce platform, it may well be worth bringing an in-house tech on board to help manage things from day-to-day. While this may cost more, it will help iron out problems before they turn into catastrophes.


There’s also no harm in learning some basic tech information yourself. If you learn how to troubleshoot some basic computer problems, you’ll save time and money.


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