What’s yours is mine

Business start-up for Reduce, Re-use, RecycleGreat emphasis is put on the importance of recycling unwanted goods, but there is business mileage in encouraging the re-using of items rather than just turning to recycling.



Several businesses have cropped up in the area of waste management, such as FreeCycle and BoxCycle.


RecycleMatch, one of the latest entrants to the market, helps companies with unwanted waste find other businesses that need the items.

Users can list the items for free on the site, which accepts almost anything. Once a match is made, the owner and buyer pay RecycleMatch a small fee. Users can also post ‘wanted’ listings for a fee.


While recycling and hard rubbish days are effective, and green, methods of disposal for the Australian public, the business market may appreciate a start-up solution to their unwanted items.


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