Get paid up front

The Taskmaster - get paid upfrontThere’s one thing I hate more than procrastinators and that is late payers.



You’ve done the work or sold the goods, you’ve sent your invoice, you’ve sent a reminder… and then nothing. Those horrible little people won’t pay you a cent and meanwhile, your kids aren’t going to eat this week.


Okay, perhaps it’s not that bad, but I am sure that as an entrepreneur you’ve lost the odd sleepless night due to cashflow issues.


But there is one way to get around this – get paid up front.


Now, it’s not going to work in every industry, and it probably won’t work for every client. But there is absolutely nothing wrong with asking for some money up front, particularly on jobs that are complex, require investment on your behalf or will take a long time.


Your clients will understand – they probably have had the same issues at one time or another.


It might just be a deposit, or it might be 50% of your total fee. Whatever the case, getting some payment up front can help smooth out your cashflow and ease the late payer blues.


Get it done – today!


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