Get to know your small business commissioner

TaskmasterThe NSW state budget contained precious little for start-ups and small businesses, apart from the formal funding of the office of the state’s new Small Business Commissioner, the former Australian Competition and Consumer Commission executive Yasmin King.


King, who was formally announced in July, now has funding for her office and joins the growing ranks of small business commissioners around Australia. Victoria has one, South Australia’s getting one and so is Western Australia.


I think these offices are a great development within state governments. They provide a focal point for small business issues within government and as we’ve seen in Victoria they can be particularly helpful in areas such as mediation of disputes.


So what do these commissioners actually do? Here are some highlights from King’s list:


  • Provide a first-stop-shop for small business complaints about unfair market practices.
  • Help small business resolve disputes with other businesses.
  • Make representations to third parties on behalf of small businesses that have made a complaint.
  • Work with other Government agencies to ensure a focus on “small business friendly” market practices.


But if you do have an issue where you feel you are being unfairly treated, these Commissioners provide a first point of contact to get some help, so read up on how their offices work.


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