Government promises red tape reforms are on track

Small businesses have been promised a reduced amount of red tape through the Federal Government’s reform of state and federal regulation.


The Government has insisted that the reforms are on track, despite the fact that three of the 27 proposed changes are behind schedule, with a fourth, the merging of occupational health and safety rules, blocked by NSW Premier Kristina Keneally.


The Government is looking to create national laws on several areas, such as a central register for business names. It estimates that the reforms will add $3.5 billion to economic output each year.


Senator Nick Sherry, the federal small business minister and the minister assisting on deregulation, says: “The Gillard Government is working hard to cut red tape through COAG’s National Partnership to deliver a seamless national economy.”


“These reforms will yield real long-term benefits for the economy, removing the burden of red tape off the back of business, driving productivity and creating jobs.”


“By cutting red tape and saving businesses money, it will help small business people do what they do best – run their business.”


“Small businesses often raise the issue of the complexity and volume of red tape – especially when having to deal with various state and federal jurisdictions.”


“As minister assisting on deregulation, I am directly involved in the important reform of removing overlapping and inconsistent regulations across state and territory borders, while simplifying them at the same time.”


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