If you hire slow and fire fast, rethink your hiring process

Yesterday I explained why the old adage of “hire slow and fire fast” might not be the best policy in all cases.


If you think an underperforming staff member can be rescued, then helping them turn things around can be richly rewarding.


But if you do end up dumping a staff member, you owe it to your team to go back and look at whether your “hire slow” processes are actually working.


After all, you were the one who thought that dud staff member was a great hire just a few months ago!


In rethinking your hiring process, consider first who is involved. I know a lot of entrepreneurs who exclude themselves from the hiring process, because they spend most of the time talking about their own company and not enough listening to the candidate.


Think about what questions you asked. What didn’t you find out at the interview that proved to be crucial? What question should you have asked instead?


Think about your after-interview processes. Did you check references? Did you check the candidate out on social media?


Do you need another level of testing? Should you run trials with staff?


Consider everything. “Hire slow, don’t fire at all” is where you really want to be.


Get it done – today!


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