Need 2 know: How to handle the arrival of your first hire

feature-welcome-thumbGetting the timing right to employ your first staff member can be crucial to your future success and needs to be thought through carefully.


There are a number of things to consider. Do you have the financial resources to cover wages for yourself and another person for at least six to twelve months?


What role or tasks are most needed to enhance your growth?


When you are thinking about this, it’s tempting to want to clone yourself. However, this is often not the best direction.


Think about your strengths and limitations and, in particular, the areas which bog you down and take you away from doing what you do best.


For example, if your strength is figures and your limitation is new client development, look at hiring a salesperson.


If, however, you’ve got the above sorted, where to from here?


We have covered the recruitment and selection process in a previous blog, so let’s go straight to the first day of your new hire.


A couple of weeks before they start, prepare a welcome pack.


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