Start some early carbon tax planning

TaskmasterSo the Gillard Government’s carbon tax has passed the Lower House of Federal Parliament and is on its way to become law.


That means that in July 2012 Australian businesses will be working under a new tax regime and while the vast, vast majority of SMEs will not be directly impacted by the tax, it will pay to start thinking about the indirect impacts on your business.


For example, which of your costs may rise under the tax and how might you pass though any increased costs in the form of higher prices?


Are there ways you might be able to reduce costs, perhaps by employing energy efficiency measures or making changes to your supply chain?


Are there government grants or subsidies available to help fund some of these cost-saving initiatives?


Will your customers now demand more information on the green practices within your business and your carbon footprint?


Could there even be opportunities from your business from the carbon tax?


The sooner this work starts, the better.

Get it done – today!


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