Start-up, group buying sites under fire over bungled sunglasses promotion

Customers have been left blinking in frustration after a start-up’s promotional group buying deal promising $1 sunnies has left many empty-handed.


While it’s common to misplace a pair of sunglasses every now and then, Chris Cross, who advertised the deal on Jump On It and Living Social, failed to deliver thousands of sunnies more than six weeks after the promotion ended.


The company offered the deal prior to their official Australian launch on October 25, promising designer sunnies in a variety of colours with a RRP of $269 for only $1, not including the shipping cost of $15 per pair.


Several delays forced customers to hold off ordering until supplies became available, and by the time they were able to redeem their vouchers, they found most of the styles advertised had become unavailable.


According to a notice posted by Chris Cross on their official website in November, the high volume of orders placed during the promotion slowed down their processing system.


Consumers have since taken to the internet to voice their anger with Facebook groups Chris Cross Sunglasses Cross Customers and Getting burnt by Chris Cross Sunglasses, all sharing similar stories.


“I haven’t received my sunnies from them!!! Been waiting over a month. Even tried emailing Jump on It. As much use as a broken toe!!!” one griped in a post on December 4.


For those who did receive their awaited sunnies, the results were disappointing.


A customer posted on 15 November that the glasses were “very cheap and nasty” and that some colours and styles were unavailable. “Not worth the $1, let alone full price!!”


The Twitter and Facebook pages of Chris Cross have been deleted, and email enquiries directed to the company were met with an automated reply.


This incident recalls the similar Havaianas fiasco reported on StartupSmart in October, in which SMEs are warned of the risks involved with losing customer loyalty.


Julian, representative from Chris Cross, sent out an email on December 9 confirming the glasses had already been sent, citing delivery and courier issues as the reason for the delay.


“Please also check with your mail department, as we were told by some customers that the mail department ‘sat on the parcel for weeks’ without advising them,” the message reads.


The Chris Cross team, however, gives no reason for the lack of communication.


“This is entirely out of our control,” Julian says.


SmartupSmart was unable to reach Chris Cross or Jump on It for further comment prior to publication.


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