Toby and Jason Schulz

6-SchulzBusiness name: MyNappies


Age: 19 (Toby), 24 (Jason)


State: Queensland


Two young brothers might not sound like the ideal candidates to launch a nappy business, but Toby and Jason Schulz are unwavering in their vision for MyNappies.


MyNappies – which rakes in $6,000 in revenue a month despite being less than one year old – was created with the vision of offering “wow” service and low prices on baby products.


“We see it becoming the first place Australian mums think of when shopping for their baby. We would like to be at this point within four to seven years,” Toby says.


“We recently asked a customer how we could make her day and she replied to us by saying roses would cheer her up. The next week we sent her roses and she loved it.”


“Jason and I both know customers have a choice in where they shop and we appreciate when they choose us. We provide real value to mums in the areas that matter.”


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