THE NEWS WRAP: GHash moves to become miner of choice for bitcoin

Kye White /

For the first time in bitcoin’s history, a single entity has repeatedly provided more than half of the computing power required to mine new bitcoins.


If the entity known as GHash, which describes itself as the number one crypto and bitcoin mining pool, continues to retain that majority it would be the end of the crypto currency’s decentralized structure.


Bitcoin wallet apps re-enter Apple app store


In line with a recent shift in policy by Apple, a new bitcoin wallet app has been made available in its App Store.


The app, Coinpocket, allows users to do anything they could do on previously available iPhone wallet apps like Coinbase and Blockchain, which had been removed from the iTunes store.


Last week, Apple updated its policy to include approved digital currencies.


Tech giants unite against US search warrants


Apple, Cisco, Verizon, AT&T and the Electronic Frontier Foundation are backing Microsoft’s effort to prevent the United States government from using search warrants to demand data that’s not stored in the United States.




The Dow Jones Industrial Average is up 41.55 to 16,775.74. The Australian dollar is currently trading at US94 cents.

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