Is Elon’s Cybertruck too big for your garage? This Aussie startup’s flat-packed, solar-powered carport has you covered

Cybertruck carport

Source: Iron Matrix.

Aussie startup Iron Matrix has unveiled designs for a Cybertruck accessory that would make Elon himself proud — a flat-packed solar-powered carport that will not only house your humongous EV, but will charge it for you too.

When the Cybertruck launched in November, one of many criticisms and comments was that the beast of a vehicle was too big to fit into a traditional garage.

Well, Iron Matrix has got you covered. Literally.

The Western Australian startup provides low-cost clean-energy structures that are covered entirely in solar panels, instead of traditional building materials. Therefore, the modular steel system generates its own electricity, while the building itself consumes very little.

Just weeks ago, Iron Matrix got its tech patent granted in the US, with founder David Morgan setting his sights on the California market.

In an article from Aussie electric vehicle publication The Driven, Morgan suggested the solar carport will be able to power the Cybertruck to travel about 100km per charge.

And, all the parts are flat-packable, meaning everything you need to build it will fit in the back of your Cybertruck itself.

“All of a sudden that Cybertruck sounds like a fantastic idea, because you can then drive it anywhere and fuel it anywhere at a location and drive it back again,” the founder said.

“You can’t with a diesel — you have to have enough fuel with you.”

While Tesla founder Elon Musk himself is something of a divisive figure, Tesla’s focus on luxury EVs has been credited with helping fuel a global leap in electric vehicle technology. Now, his even more divisive truck appears to be inspiring a whole new swathe of innovation.

And Iron Matrix does have international competition. New York design and research agency Lars Büro has also reportedly revealed its ‘Cybunker’, another specially designed home for the contentious EV, with folding gates revealing a 600 square-foot space.

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