Are you making your website social?

Tech Trick - Social NetworkingMany start-up businesses are now creating their websites with social platforms, such as forums and profiles where users can customise their information and interact with other users.


But are you actually making your website social, or just hoping a few features here and there can save you? Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg told TechCrunch recently that many businesses aren’t doing social networking well enough.


You have to design it in from the ground up,” he says.


If you think your business can get away with using a few pieces of social media that are “tacked on”, then think again. Instead, you should make sure your website is designed around these social features.


If you want to introduce profiles for each user, make sure these users can interact at different points across the site. Make sure users can communicate and view each other’s profiles, or even introduce ways for users to update their own social media accounts from your website.


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