Be on the lookout for scam CVs

tech tricksSome hackers are now attempting to trick business owners into downloading vicious material by disguising emails as CVs, according to security firm Sophos, and business owners must be on alert.


Watching out for vicious emails is becoming more and more crucial as hackers attack businesses several times a day. Check every email you receive – if you don’t recognise the sender, or don’t recognise an attachment, be extremely wary.


In a blog post, Sophos says some hackers are sending messages that, on first glance, appear to be an email from someone trying to correct mistakes on a CV.


“Thank you for the chat yesterday, it really helped me get a clearer idea of recruitment as well as exploring any potential opportunity,” the emails state. CV with the correct email on this link.”


Sophos explains that “it is obvious that somebody was trying to trick people into downloading executable files disguised as CV documents”.


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