Fishburners to host event on how to build a viral app in 24 hrs

Sydney co-working space Fishburners is to host an event fronted by a serial app developer who will explain how to create a viral app in 24 hours.


Marius Kraemer, founder of mobile social network Matewire, which participated in PushStart, has launched 11 apps, including an app that creates an augmented reality scavenger hunt.


His most recent app, a guessing game for logos, was created in 24 hours with only 500 lines of code.


The app recently surpassed 180,000 downloads and made $4,000 in advertising revenue in the last four weeks.


This Saturday, Kraemer will host an event at Sydney co-working network Fishburners. The goal is to brainstorm apps that can be built in less than 24 hours with less than 1,000 lines of code.


The event, which is open to 15 people, will begin with an introduction from Kraemer on the mindset required for the event, and what it takes to create a viral app.


“During lunch, ideas will be starting to form and, beginning at around 3pm, it will be decided on which ideas can be built and launched in a short time,” Kraemer says.


“Some might only take six hours, but from then on it is 24 hours until the apps need to be launched… The plan is to launch all apps before 3pm, Sunday.”


Kraemer says there are several things to keep in mind when attempting to create a viral app.


“Focus on one particular thing that is very good in your app; that only your app does. The app should be simple and quick, and give a reward to the user,” Kraemer says.


“Everyone thinks it’s hard to program. It’s actually quite easy. Just start.”


“Make an app with a button, then an app with three buttons, then an app with a list, then an app with an image that swoops from right to left.”


“With every start-up or project you want to do, just get started.”


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