Give your Keynote presentations a boost

Tech TricksApple’s Keynote is a great program for giving presentations, but did you know there are a few features within the software that will help spice up your displays?


Presenter Display is the best way to show off slides with two different displays, (one for an audience and another for yourself). You can give yourself notes and other annotations the audience won’t be able to see.


Open the “Rehearse Slideshow” option from the Play Menu. To add more things for your eyes only, go to the “Play” menu and then hit “Customise Presenter Display”.


This will give you the option to select and show a number of different options the audience cannot see, including the “Ready To Advance” bar, which turns green whenever animations on the screen are finished.


To ensure the Presenter Display appears on your screen, go to Preferences, and then “Presenter Display”, and then choose “Use alternate display to view presenter information”.


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