How to add Gmail to your Windows Live account

Tech Trick - Windows Live and GmailEveryone has their favourite email account – for many Gmail is now the default, but others still use Hotmail as their inbox of choice. If you want to combine your Gmail to Hotmail, here’s how:


First, you need to go to your Gmail account. Click on the Settings button, and then go to the Forwarding tab. Make sure you check the POP option is enabled for all mail that arrives from now on.


Then, you need to go into your Windows Live account, and then click on “Add an email account”. You’ll be given a number of different options to fill in regarding your Gmail account, including your password and display name.


You will then get a message on how to set up your POP in Gmail, but you can set that aside. Once this is done, your mail should start appearing in Windows Live.


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