How to add Google Reader feeds to your desktop

Tech Trick: ReadAir - Google Reader

This article first appeared January 13, 2011.


Ever wanted to view your Google Reader headlines without having to navigate a browser? Then the ReadAir application can help you out.


First, you need to download the application here, and then select the install button. You’ll then be taken through the wizard, which will provide you with a number of options – usually the default settings will be fine.


The installation may take a few minutes. But once its finished, you’ll be prompted to login using your Google account – then you’ll be taken to the ReadAir window. There will be a number of options available, including how often to refresh the food and the style of the panes.


Installing ReadAir is a good way to get updates on your desktop – and it can be fitted on a second monitor for easy viewing access as well, without having to navigate through your browser.


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