How to archive your Outlook emails

Tech TricksThis article first appeared on July 6, 2012.


Many entrepreneurs have a compulsion to keep all their old emails. Whether it’s to keep old email addresses or contact details, business owners just can’t seem to get rid of any of their digital clutter.


The problem is these emails take up a lot of space. And to make sure you aren’t wasting unnecessary storage, you should archive all your old emails.


To do so in Microsoft Outlook, all you need to do is click on “File”, and then “Mailbox Cleanup”. A new dialogue box will appear, so click on “archive”.


A new box will pop up giving you the option to choose which folders you want to archive, and the dates for which items you want put away.


Once you’re done, the archiving process will start. Doing this on a regular basis will save you space and ensure your emails are kept in a safe place.


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