How to block messages in Gmail

Tech TricksGmail is a great free alternative to paid email, especially for start-up businesses that are low on cash. But just like any email account, you may find over time it gets filled with spam.


The answer to this is simple – block certain senders in your Gmail account. But how can you do this?


First, you need to go the top of the page and select the “Create a filter” link, which is located to the right of the search box.


Then, you need to write the address of the email URL you want blocked. You can either type a specific address, or just a URL after the @ symbol to block all messages from that URL.


If you want to write separate addresses, you need to select the vertical bar button, not a comma, to separate them. After this is done, click on “next step”, and then “create filter”. And you’re done.


This doesn’t have to be reserved for just spam messages. If you’d like, you can block any sender so you won’t receive any messages from them at all.


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