How to block specific emails in Gmail

Tech TricksThese days most spam filters are good enough to divert most of the trash from your inbox, but there are always those messages that seem to get through.


Specifically, many Gmail users would be able to identify with the one or two people who keep sending them messages despite repeated requests to stop. Thankfully, there’s a way to block them all together.


First, you need to click on the piece of text at the top of the page that says “create a filter”, located to the right of the search box.


Then, you need to type in the person’s email address who you wish to block. After that, click the “next step” button, and then press the “delete it” check box. This will get rid of the message altogether, while a new filter has been created to stop emails coming through.


This tip is good for those situations where you don’t receive any spam, but need to block individual emails from time to time.


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