How to clear your browsing history

Tech Tricks - Internet BrowsersClearing out your browsing history isn’t just a way for you to hide whatever websites you’ve been looking at. Deleting temporary files and your history is a good way to clear out space and make sure your computer is running fast.




If you’re operating Safari, there’s an easy way to make sure your files are cleaned. First, click on “Edit” and then choose the “Reset Safari” option.


You will then be shown a box with a number of different options – whether you want to empty the cache, clear downloads, remove all cookies and website icons, etc. Pick these carefully, because if you remove all cookies and AutoFill it may end be annoying for you later one.


Then, click “Reset” and you’re done. You may not see a noticeable difference in speed but it’s still a good idea to purge your history every now and again.




Go up to the tool bar and click on “Tools”, and then move down to “Clear Recent History”. Firefox actually allows you to clear your browsing history by the hour as well, so you can just clear your files based on the past few hours of browsing time.


Just like in Safari, you can also select which files you want to purge.


Internet Explorer

To delete your history in Internet Explorer, go up to “Safety” and click on “Delete Browsing History”. Just like the other programs, you can select which elements you want to purge.


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