How to import a WordPress blog

Tech Trick -Wordpress Blog ImportMany businesses now have blogs – they’re a great way to keep in touch with your customer base. But what happens when you want to move one blog’s content to a new domain?


Thankfully, if you’re using WordPress this actually quite easy as it has importing technology built right in. All It takes is a few clicks.


First, log in to your WordPress blog as an administrator. In the admin panels, go to “Tools” and then “Export”. You’ll see a number of filters there for what content you want to bring over into your new blog – check whichever you need and/or want.


Then, hit the “download export file” to save to your computer. You’ll need this file in a moment.


Then, go to your new blog. Log in as an administrator, then go to “manage”, and then “import”. You’ll need to choose “WordPress” from the list given to you.


You’ll be provided with a way to upload your file, and then you’ll be asked a number of questions regarding authors. After that, just follow the prompts – your WordPress blog will be fully imported.


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