How to patch Skype

Tech TrickIf you’re a frequent user of Skype for Mac then you may have noticed some problems lately – users have been unable to login, and when taken to the homepage they are unable to download the latest version.


The company identified this and other problems last month, when it noted a vulnerability in its software that could potentially be exploited by hackers. One particular researcher noted this in his blog, saying the vulnerability was “extremely wormable and dangerous”.


Thankfully the company has released a patch to fix the software, and many copies have automatically been updated in the past month. And at the time, Skype said that by the time the researcher already noted the problem it was already working on a fix.


But if your copy hasn’t been fixed, you only need to visit the site to get the patch.


If you visit this link, you’ll be able to download a hotfix for Skype for Mac. Simply download the file, follow the prompts and install the fix – your Skype will be up-to-date and bug free.


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